Cross Court: The Skid

When the Lakers closed out the regular season last year by losing 6 of their last 10 games, people pointed to them as being bored and saving themselves for the playoffs. But on their current 4-game skid, they are described as a team playing fatigued, playing short, with no focus, with no consistency and with […]

Cross Court: Weathering Through

No, the Lakers aren’t unbecoming. They’re stumbling a bit, yes. But, two straight losses hardly qualify as signs of a dynasty crumbling. But it’s entertaining to see the people who think the Lakers’ days as champions are numbered because two superstars and one highly underrated and overpaid power forward from Toronto got together are the […]

Cross-Court: What the 2009-2010 Season Taught Us

Plans of dethroning the Lakers are well underway, and in less than 24 hours the first step will being. But before we start watching how next season will shape up for our back-to-back champs, let’s take a look at some of the highs and lows that brought the Lakers to one of the most epic […]

Cross-Court: The $7 Million-Dollar Man?

$7 million-dollars. That’s the going rate for a coach that’s won more titles than anyone in NBA history, won the most games in Lakers history, won the most playoff games in Lakers history, and on the verge of possibly delivering another championship banner to the Lakers this June, according to Jerry Buss. Unless you’ve been […]

Cross-Court: Sundown

It took 3 years but a rematch between the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns has finally arrived! In 2006 and 2007, the Suns eliminated the Lakers in the first round consecutively. Both early exits left a really sour taste in Kobe Bryant which led to his demand for the front office to bring in better […]

Cross-Court: Thunderstruck?

As I sat watching the waning minutes of Game 4, I was going through everything that I can think of that has contributed to this lowest point of the Lakers this season. I know. I didn’t think their final regular season loss to the Thunder could ever be topped (and this soon, too) at all. […]

Cross-Court: The Opening Round

TP&G Blog’s “Cross-Court” section will take a closer look at every matchup of every round for Lakers in the playoffs by examining the opponent and the state of the purple and gold. The moment of truth is finally here, Laker fans. The start of defending the title is set this Sunday at high-noon against the […]

Cross-Court: Ten Reasons to a Rollercoaster Season

(Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images / March 31, 2010) Here we are. Five games left until the start of the playoffs and our Lakers are looking like they don’t want any part of it. Chasing Cleveland for the best overall record has become as pointless as, well, getting to 60-wins. I used to describe […]