Preview: Clippers vs. Lakers

The last time the Lakers (0-2) dropped their first 3 games of the regular season happened to be the final year of Jerry West's coaching career. That team finished the year 47-35 but lost to the Seattle Supersonics in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Interestingly enough, that squad had 4 starters that averaged in […]

It’s All About the Drive

Basketball is a funny thing. Talent and discipline make a team a title contender. But without the drive, the heart, the desire, everything good about a team won't matter when it comes to winning games and earning the ultimate prize. The Lakers love to point at the new offensive system as the reason for all […]

Pre-Season Preview: Lakers vs. Clippers

Call whatever you want between the Lakers (0-6) and the Clippers (3-3) but don’t call it a rivalry. In fact, it’s ridiculously silly to even brand the Clippers a “rival” in Los Angeles when you consider numerous factors. For one, how many people would even mention Clippers when you ask them to associate sports and […]

Kobe, Howard Might Miss Tomorrow’s Game/Hill Could Return

Kobe Bryant was apparently kicked on the foot during Sunday’s loss to the Sacramento Kings which left the foot with enough soreness that Bryant missed Tuesday’s practice. The pain is still “pretty high” according to Kobe and is now leaning towards not playing against the Clippers on Wednesday. Meanwhile, teammate Dwight Howard is also battling […]

Lakers Cut Douglas-Roberts and Somogyi

The Lakers continue to trim down their roster with only 8 days left until the start of the regular season. Today, the team had waived forward Chris Douglas-Roberts and rookie center Greg Somogyi bringing the total roster to 16 players. Douglas-Roberts was the New Jersey Nets’ 40th pick in the 2008 NBA draft and spent […]

Howard Makes Debut But Lakers Drop Their 6th

You can feel the energy of the crowd flowing through the walls and hallways of Staples Center. Weeks of anticipation has boiled down to the mere introduction of the 6′ 11″, 267-pound beast of a center that has captured the attention and admiration of an entire city. Dwight Howard is FINALLY back in action! After […]

Ebanks Shines in Another Lakers Loss

In addition to building team chemistry, learning new playbooks and ironing out basic fundamentals and executions, the pre-season is also about having the opportunity to showcase the results of all the hardwork a player put on over the summer to improve his game. While Devin Ebanks has never been short on putting work on becoming a […]

Pre-Season Preview: Kings vs. Lakers (Las Vegas, NV)

There’s only 11 days until opening night but the Lakers (0-4) have yet to scratch a W in exhibition games. The way things are going so far, Laker fans might see Dwight Howard suited on the floor before seeing the Lakers get the slippery win. If you’re one of those who thinks Time Warner Cable […]

Pre-Season Preview: Jazz vs. Lakers (Anaheim, CA)

0-3? So what? I get that some Laker fans just don’t like seeing the Lakers lose (since I’m constantly around Laker fans nearly everywhere I go). Neither do I. But let’s remember that this is PRE-SEASON. As in, losses don’t count and neither do wins. Last Saturday, the Lakers got to see the Utah Jazz […]

Preview: Trailblazers vs. Lakers (Ontario, CA)

One of the reasons why the Lakers (0-1) pursued Steve Nash before anybody this past summer is his keen ability to make things easy and look good on offense. In his debut in purple and gold against the Golden State Warriors last Sunday, Nash not only didn’t disappoint, he was convincing that his addition alone […]

Howard Cleared for Full Scrimmage/No Surgery for Hill?

Mike Trudell of reported on Tuesday that Dwight Howard has been cleared by team doctors to participate in full 5-on-5 scrimmages. His minutes will be limited but this is certainly something Laker fans wanted to hear. From what everyone who sees him daily and Howard himself, the only thing Dwight is working on his […]

Nash Makes His Mark in Pre-Season Opener

There were plenty of scrutiny regarding chemistry and egos for the Lakers long before the doors of the Toyota Sports Center opened for training camp. Last Sunday in their pre-season opener against the Golden State Warriors in Fresno, most of those doubts have been erased in just the first 24 minutes of the game. A […]

The Competition 2012-13: #1 Miami Heat

Contributed by guest writer Frank Palmasani Years of mocking, followed by ridicule, trailed by disappoint, preceded by doubt, and through all of it the Miami Heat, or Lebron James, finally caught the ring they vied for all the sears. No one, not even the most passionate of all Heat and Lebron haters (I could be […]

The Competition 2012-13: #2 Boston Celtics

Contributed by guest writer Frank Palmasani The lean, green, Laker-rival machine; Ray Allen is gone. Two of their three best players are old. Their all-star point guard is the Celtics final saving grace. So why are they the number 2 team to beat for the Lakers in the East? Who knows. If one truth will […]

The Competition 2012-13: #3 New York Knicks

Contributed by guest blogger Frank Palmasani It seemed like the perfect steal: Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire on the same team. They were two dominant players who succeeded at what they did, and all of New York saw it as the move that would pull them from their slump. Well, we haven’t seen it yet. […]