Pre-Season Recap: Warriors vs. Lakers (102-105 OT)

(Courtesy: L.A. Times) Shannon, Shannon, Shannon! This guy was passed over by Cleveland, Chicago and Charlotte before being a throw-in in that Adam Morrison deal that brought him to the Lakers 2 1/2 seasons. But look what kind of a player he’s becoming. All that hard work and always believing in himself are starting to […]

Pre-Season Preview: Warriors vs. Lakers (Ontario, CA)

(Courtesy: L.A. Times) Eight pre-season games seemed longer that it really is. That’s why it’s such a blessing the Lakers are about to wrap up these exhibition games tonight against the same Golden State Warriors they beat last night in San Diego, 120-99. Tonight’s rematch is coming from Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. […]

Pre-Season Recap: Warriors vs. Lakers (99-120)

(Courtesy: L.A. Times) No Phil. No Kobe. No problem for the Lakers as they defeated the new-look Golden State Warriors 120-99 at the historic San Diego Sports Arena. The win is their most decisive victory in pre-season so far because of two things: 1. The Lakers made their shots. 2. They’re playing the Warriors. Don […]

Pre-Season Preview: Warriors vs. Lakers (San Diego)

Two more pre-season games left (thank goodness!) until the Lakers can actually start preparing for the real thing starting next Tuesday against Houston at Staples Center. Tonight and Friday night, they’ll face the Golden State Warriors for the very first time this early NBA year. They’ll be at the San Diego Sports Arena then head […]

Pre-Season Recap: Jazz vs. Lakers (82-74)

(Courtesy: The second pre-season game between the Lakers and the Utah Jazz wasn’t in the same building as their game on Sunday, but the results were the same. The purple and gold lose again to Utah, 82-74. The crowd at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California was quiet almost the entire night since the […]

Pre-Season Game Preview: Jazz vs. Lakers 10-19-10

One of the things I love about the NBA is sometimes teams don’t have to wait very long to get a chance to avenge a loss. Well, the Lakers only had to wait 48 hours before they can get another crack at the Utah Jazz after dropping their first meeting at the Staples Center “Shootout” […]

Pre-Season Recap: Jazz vs. Lakers (99-94)

(Courtesy of The first half for the Lakers were as ugly as the new Utah Jazz jerseys. The offense wasn’t doing much of anything besides turnovers and shots clanking off of the rim. And the defense? Well, it was just there for show-and-tell. Kinda like an exhibition within an exhibition game. Very little stops […]

Pre-Season Game Preview: Jazz vs. Lakers

Dominated, eliminated, and swept are exactly the kind of words you can use when you talk about the Utah Jazz‘s playoff matchup with the Lakers last season (and that’s without counting the other 3 previous playoff exits for the Jazz at the hands of the 2-time defending champs). So, it’s not a complete surprise why […]

Pre-Season Recap: Nuggets vs. Lakers (95-102)

It’s already been 4 months since the Lakers ended the 2009-2010 season with their 16th overall title at Staples Center, yet the vivid memories of Game 7 against the Celtics are still fresh in everyone’s minds. But that didn’t affect how the Lakers approached their pre-season meeting with a former Western Conference Championship opponent the […]

Pre-Season Game Preview: Nuggets vs. Lakers

As part of the annual 2-day “Shootout” at Staples Center, the Lakers and the Denver Nuggets meet for the first time in this NBA year Saturday night after the Clippers and the Jazz start things off at 4:30. Then, the winning teams on Saturday play one another the following night on Sunday. This is also […]

Pre-Season Recap: Kings vs. Lakers (95-98)

Maybe it’s being back home or it’s perhaps the Lakers simply want to get back on the winning track even it’s just pre-season. But, that’s exactly what the 2-time defending champs did in Las Vegas against the young Sacramento Kings. They captured their first victory notch in their third exhibition game 98-95 in front of […]

Pre-Season Game Preview: Kings vs. Lakers

For the first time this pre-season, the Lakers are playing their exhibition game on American turf. They’ll be taking on one of the NBA’s youngest teams the Sacramento Kings at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. Last year, the Kings finished the season at the bottom of the Pacific Division, yet the Lakers […]

Pre-Season: Lakers at Regal FC Barcelona (88-92)

It was a homecoming for Pau Gasol and a chance to play against the team that he led to win the gold medal at the 2009 Eurobasket tournament. But that homecoming didn’t end so well for Pau and the Lakers as they dropped their second pre-season game in Europe 92-88 to the current Euroleague champs […]

Pre-Season Game Preview: Lakers at Regal FC Barcelona

Spanish network Barça TV used the “Rocky” theme in their TV-spot for the exhibition game matchup between their Euroleague champion FC Barcelona and 2-time NBA defending champs Lakers on Thursday. Of course, Barcelona see themselves as Rocky (the underdog) and the Lakers Apollo Creed (the popular reigning champ). It may be an exhibition game but […]