Back in Business!

Wow, a lot happened when I was out. And I mean a lot!

Life can change in a blink of an eye. For me, it happened overnight right around April when I was promoted at work and had to take over for three of my former colleagues for awhile to settle things down.

It isn’t quite there yet. But at least, I now have time to get back to posting my thoughts on the Lakers.

The past 2 seasons have been forgettable (or at least we try to) for Laker fans. Two 2nd round exits in a row doesn’t exactly scream Lakers basketball but it happened. I guess even the best franchise in the NBA has its dog days.

But with the addition of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, the entire Laker nation is absolutely giddy for the new season to start.

And who could blame us?

The Lakers have and always been about winning championships. Getting to the Finals or going deep into the playoffs may be enough for most teams…but not this team.

What Mitch Kupchak pulled off this summer is arguably one of the biggest off-seasons even for a team that boasts 16 titles and numerous Hall-of-Famers ever.

No doubt updating this blog is going to be exciting this season. You can just feel the energy building up in anticipation for training camp to finally open.

Of course, the reloaded Lakers still have to prove that they can be the team all other 29 teams are wishing they won’t become. I expect a bit of bumps in the beginning even if Howard’s back allows him to start the season on opening night.

But once (yes, once) the Lakers get it going…

Well, do I have to say it?