Wall Wants Kobe To Step Up


According to NBC Sports’ Pro Basketball Talk, Washington Wizards star point guard John Wall was interviewed by John Lee of the Washington Post during his participation of a basketball exhibition event called, “Clash of the Superstars”.

One of the things he talked about is, of course, the NBA lockout and shared his idea on how to end it quickly by saying this:

“I think we’re going to have to have guys like Kobe [Bryant], LeBron, the face of the NBA, to step up and say something,” said Wall, who was in Las Vegas this week when National Basketball Players Association President Derek Fisher and executive director Billy Hunter updated the players on the labor impasse. “Derek Fisher and those guys are doing a great job, but I just want it to be over. I can’t really say too much. I only have one year under my belt. . . . I just want to sit back, learn and listen and see what’s going on during the meetings.”

It’s nice to see that some of the young players in the league want an NBA season as much as any of the fans, but I highly doubt having Kobe Bryant or Lebron James at these negotiations will end the lockout any sooner. Both sides are simply not that interested in having a season right now.

Let’s face it. The majority of the NBA owners care about the size of their wallets more than Kobe, Lebron or the NBA combined. No amount of star power can tell them that “losing” money is good for them even after the league had just finished one of the most booming season in years.

After that, you’ve got the players who are more concerned with their unity and keeping the size of their paychecks as big as possible more than the fans who show their gratitude towards them by shelling out ridiculous amount of money to buy their jerseys and Fatheads.

These two sides keep talking about frustrations in their negotiations. What a joke! They’re the only ones who are making themselves pop aspirins everyday. Their so-called frustrations are nothing compared to what the fans have been feeling since July 1st.

If Wall wants the lockout to end, he needs to look no further than the NBA players union president Derek Fisher and the rest of the players union reps.

They’re the ones who really need to step it up.

Speaking of Kobe…

It looks like some NBA players will be calling him their lender, also. Bryant is volunteering to loan money to those players who are cash-strapped due to the lockout. So, if you see Kobe pointing his finger at some of the opposing players, you’ll know why.