NBA Grind: 9/6/11



Former NBA senior writer for ESPN Chris Sheridan launches his new site by saying that the end of the lockout is closer than the negotiating parties are leading us to believe. How? Here’s Chris in his own words:

“At the end of the day, they have too much to gain by making a deal that gives them a significantly larger share of the pie that what they were getting under the old deal. And lastly, all of the principle players in the negotiations are reasonable and rational men. They are not interested in destroying what they’ve built up over the past several seasons, especially in 2010-11.”


I’m all for this lockout to end ASAP. But we’ve read and heard all kinds of jibbers from everyone involved in the negotiations and everyone in the media. So I’ll believe it when I see it.


It looks like Brandon Jennings will get his wish of not seeing Kobe Bryant play for the Drew League after all. Well, sorta. According to the Drew League Twitter page, D.C.’s Goodman League wasn’t too interested in having a rematch against L.A.’s Drew League after Goodman defeated Drew on Aug. 20th when Kevin Durant nailed the game-winner, 135-134. Drew was trying to book Bryant to play for them in the rematch after appearing and hitting his own game-winner in their season finale. Jennings wasn’t too keen in seeing Kobe suit up for Drew claiming that Bryant “isn’t L.A. enough”.

That’s too bad. I would’ve loved seeing Brandon’s face when he sees Kobe wearing the Drew League jersey…and maybe slapping him on the side of his head.


Speaking of Brandon Jennings, he took part in what I think are the 2 dumbest predictions by NBA players so far this new season. Jennings believes that the Milwaukee Bucks can compete with the beasts of the East after seeing the team’s roster change since before the lockout. The other prediction? Metta World Peace (a.k.a Ron Artest) guaranteed that the Lakers will be called champions once again after the upcoming NBA Finals during his 40-minute interview with ESPN Los Angeles’ Stephen A. Smith at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino last week.

I love Ron. I really do. But to make stupid statements like this brings nothing but more trouble (and humiliation) serious or not. As for Jennings? Well, he better win the MVP next season if he wants the Bucks to compete.